Sherman-Denison MPO 2045 Metropolitan Transportation Plan


Sherman-Denison MPO


Services: Transportation Planning

Completed: 2019

Sherman-Denison MPO 2045 Metropolitan Transportation Plan

Sherman and Denison

The Sherman-Denison Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) 2045 Metropolitan Transportation Plan Update (MTP) provided a 25-year strategic plan for an integrated intermodal metropolitan transportation system in a high growth region.

Walter P Moore’s transportation planning group created a long-range mobility plan that balanced the needs of the community with multi-modal improvements that could be implemented within a limited budget.

Building upon a similar study we conducted five years prior, our 2019 update maximized stakeholder involvement throughout the plan development and coordinated with local governments, freight companies, transportation providers, and representatives for pedestrians, bicyclists, and persons with disabilities. We worked closely with the MPO throughout the project to ensure that the recommendations for the plan were consistent with their goals.

The update:

  • Evaluated/updated the existing thoroughfare plan, travel demand model, freight plan, bicycle and pedestrian facilities, and public transit needs
  • Ensured compliance with requirements in MAP-21 and FAST Act
  • Evaluated existing land use and demographics to assure compliance with Title VI – Environmental Justice
  • Used a new software program developed for TxDOT called Decision Lens to assist in prioritizing future projects
  • Produced revenue and expenditure projections to ensure that the MTP is fiscally constrained and identified specific projects to be included

We helped the MPO maximize the funding available to the agency and expand the number of projects in the long-range plan, while completing the draft report several months ahead of schedule.