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North City Campus Garage

Savings meets sustainability

Project Facts

Location San Diego, California
Owner San Diego Community College District
Capacity 300 spaces
Certifications LEED Silver


Walter P Moore’s commitment to efficiency and sustainability is exemplified in this parking development’s innovative center ramp system. Our team reimagined the SDCCD North City Campus Garage, reducing its original four levels to three which resulted in both cost savings and increased functionality. This transformation maximized functional space and allowed the district to achieve an upgrade to LEED Silver certification.

About the project

The San Diego Community College District (SDCCD) North City Campus Garage serves the students of the nation’s sixth largest community college system and offers 300 parking spaces. Walter P Moore’s parking design and consulting scope of work included functional layout, graphics, and parking equipment design. The addition of the center ramp system maximized the flat floor area of the garage, and also reduced the number of levels required to three from an originally planned four. This reconfiguration maintained the footprint grid and allowed for a more seamless connection to the adjacent classroom building. 

The cost savings achieved through Walter P Moore’s innovative redesign resulted in SDCCD not only meeting their initial LEED Certified target, but achieving the prestigious LEED Silver certification. This not only enhances the environmental profile of the North City Campus Garage but also underscores our commitment to design solutions that are both cost-effective and sustainable.