Skyline Tower


Desarrollo Bahia


662,100 square feet structure

58 stories above grade and 5 levels of basement for 423 parking spaces

Skyline Tower

Costa Del Este, Panama City

Skyline Tower is luxurious condominium tower located on Avenue Paseo Del Mar in Costa Del Este, Panama City. The 58 story tower above grade provides spectacular view of Pacific Ocean for 105 residences. The tower has 5 levels of basements for parking. The social level has pool overlooking the ocean. The five levels of basements presented a huge challenge since the project is located less than few hundred feet from Pacific Ocean. Due to poor soil conditions in top 20 meters and various site restrictions, temporary tiebacks were not permitted for the retention system. Therefore, a top-down construction method was proposed for excavation. Rings of slabs at five levels of basements were designed to resist the lateral load from soil and water.

We worked closely with the geotechnical engineer to develop a site-specific seismic study and take benefit from excavation resulting from five levels of basements. This allowed the reclassification of the site class from D to the much less stringent site class B. This change realized significant savings in the seismic lateral systems of the towers.  

Walter P Moore designed a building utilizing two-way post-tensioned slabs without beams. The shallow post-tensioned slab design allowed for greater residential floor to floor height. Lateral loads are resisted by efficient concrete shear walls at the building core.