Springwoods Village Drainage Master Plan


Harris County Improvement District


Size: 1,800 acre site development

Service: Storm Water

Springwoods Village Drainage Master Plan


Springwoods Village is a 1,800-acre planned community in unincorporated Harris County located just south of The Woodlands near the new ExxonMobil Campus. Our drainage master plan identified storm water detention requirements and strategies for drainage conveyance in four drainage corridors in a series of dry and wet detention basins discharging to Spring Creek. Hydraulic and hydrologic modeling was used to demonstrate no adverse impact to the receiving streams to meet local requirements as established by Harris County Flood Control District. The plan will be the basis to meet storm water mitigation requirements for all developments in Springwoods through approximately 2025. The plan also accounts for sustainable practices of Low Impact Development to potentially reduce the detention required. Due to the long-term timing of the development, a phasing plan was developed to make sure adequate detention volume is provided as development takes place.