People and dogs enjoying Midtown Superblock (Midtown Park) dog park and public space on a green hill.

Public Works

Building trust

We create beautiful, functional, sustainable spaces that draw communities together in work, play and progress. Public works clients trust us because we are steeped in this segment and know how to solve its myriad challenges.

Our expertise

Walter P Moore does much more than engineer public projects. We become an extension of our client’s team, engaging community stakeholders to fully understand needs. This allows us to innovate solutions that are technically sound, contextually sensitive and optimally valuable for every dollar of investment. Public agencies partner with us because we bring strong project management, strong relationships built on quality work, and a strong reputation for delivering excellence to communities everywhere.

Our difference

Municipalities, state and county agencies, special districts and other entities are accountable to their citizens. They call us because they know in every way, we will be accountable to them. They count on our multidisciplinary expertise, our technical competence, our deep experience engineering public projects, and our strong alliances, including partnerships with DBE entities. We align with our clients’ public mission, and help to create environments that build closer, richer, more empowered societies.