Twentynine Palms Bachelor Enlisted Quarters


U.S. Marine Corps


Size: 580,000 SF residence buildings / 252,000 SF parking garage / 21,840 SF dining facility

Architect: PGAL

Delivery Method: Design-Build

Feature: LEED Silver

Twentynine Palms Bachelor Enlisted Quarters

Twentynine Palms

The Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center (MCAGCC) at Twentynine Palms, California is the world’s largest base and the premier training facility for Corp operations. The base also draws military personnel from throughout the U.S. for their Combined Arms Exercises and is home to First Tank Battalion, the “shock and awe” specialists who lead into battle with M1 tanks.

The Bachelor Enlisted Quarters (BEQs) and Quality of Life Facilities were built to accommodate the large number of personnel staying at the base. Each 192-unit BEQ residential building was designed with an atmosphere of hospitality to encourage the Marines tenants to spend more time onsite and develop camaraderie. Common areas provide laundry facilities, pool tables, video games, computer desks, an internet café, outdoor BBQ and sports courts.

As structural engineer for the design-build team that delivered the project, Walter P Moore developed efficient structural systems for various buildings including signature cantilever roof elements and an iconic 40-foot tower located at the apex of a new outdoor amphitheater used for events and movies.