University of Houston Transportation Management Plan


University of Houston


Size: 667 acres

Services: Traffic and Transportation Planning

University of Houston Transportation Management Plan



The University of Houston Main Campus in southeast Houston spans more than 667 acres and is expanding its campus to accommodate an enrollment of 45,000 students. As Texas’ third-largest university, transportation planning is needed to help facilitate traffic and mobility around campus. Building on the 2006 UH Framework Campus Master Plan, we developed a work plan tying transportation improvements to other elements of the campus expansion, development of measures to increase transit use, and revisions to campus arrival and departure patterns. The project required interface with METRO to maximize benefits of light rail and bus services to the campus and to determine the impact of proposed light rail service on streets adjacent to the campus. We also planned intra-campus routes to accommodate service vehicles, emergency vehicles, delivery vehicles, and shuttle buses without degrading pedestrian movement, provided a system that accommodates day-to-day mobility needs as well as event traffic, and coordinated transit-oriented development and mixed-used development with transportation elements.