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West End Parking Structure

Designing for growth

Project Facts

Location Los Angeles, California
Owner GPI Companies | Hudson Pacific Properties
Cost $20 million
Status Completed 2021
Capacity 1,000 spaces


This innovative parking structure addresses the needs of a revitalized area, providing much-needed parking for new developments in business and retail. Walter P Moore’s team designed this economical and user-friendly facility as a solution to parking problems, contributing to the city’s evolving architectural landscape and economic success.


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About the project

Tasked with replacing an obsolete parking structure that once stood on this site, Walter P Moore served as the architect of this brand-new, modern parking development meant to support economic growth in the area. It offers parking for Google’s new headquarters as well as the redeveloped and iconic Westside Pavilion.

The Westside Pavilion is a landmark shopping mall in the city of Los Angeles that was completely reimagined and repositioned as a hub of creative tech office spaces with open courtyards, indoor outdoor environments and natural light flooding the workspaces. The completion of this new structure supports this and future growth, offering 1,000 parking spaces and EV charging.

The project addressed many challenges including zoning restrictions, FEMA flood plain criteria, and interfacing with existing non-conforming conditions. Walter P Moore led the design team to create a cost effective and user-friendly parking structure that has been approved by LADBS.