Bridging design and construction

Architects and structural engineers design buildings to stand strong when they’re completed, but stability and safety measures during construction often are left to the contractor and specialty steel subs. Our erection engineers bridge that gap to help ensure modern structures can rise safely and achieve the ultimate design vision.

Reducing Risk

All partially completed structures have inherent vulnerabilities which comes with severe risks. Our specialists reduce those risks by building the project virtually before construction begins in the real world. Our experience designing complex and long-span structures gives us unique perspective on how the building should perform. We analyze whether the desired construction approach is consistent with how the structure was designed, and when variances are detected, we recommend modifications accordingly.

Loading design

There are very few building codes for loading criteria during construction. We fill that void by working with clients to customize loading criteria precisely to each project. Our engineers use non-linear staged construction analysis to determine the vulnerable states and design temporary shoring and bracing systems. We develop procedures for completing the structure in a safe and controlled manner. We also advise on appropriate equipment, lift planning, rigging, and critical lift documentation.

Details drive success

Finally, we provide advanced modeling of our solutions, including LOD400 models and associated detailing. Our meticulous approach helps ensure the original design intent is understood. Design complexities are clarified, material quantities are outlined and planned for, delays and risks are reduced, safety is increased, and construction is completed sooner.