View of cantilevered roof at the Tampa Museum of Art.

Construction Engineering

Construct ability

The transition from design to construction is often risky, confounding, and without clarity of responsibilities. Our expertise bridges the gap to ensure the project’s vision can be beautifully brought to life in the real world.

Our Expertise

Our consultants understand the full project lifecycle, from concept to constructed. We combine our deep structural expertise, advanced digital tools, and extensive knowledge of construction complexities to help builders, fabricators and erectors successfully execute their project phases according to the designer’s plan. Our analyses improve construction speed, simplicity, accuracy and economy while preserving the original architectural vision.

XStream Software

Our proprietary software handles the immense complexity inherent with the steel phases of construction. It calculates the thousands of connections within a steel structure and allows us to quickly iterate multiple approaches to streamline the full construction process. XStream enables our engineers to build optimal models that can succeed in the face of accelerated steel schedules and intensifying stakeholder demands.

Steel Connection Design

Our connection experts have mastered the art and science of making complex steel connections. We understand the many forces at play, from load path through components to how the connection node fits into the overall structure. Our connection designs drive more cost-effective solutions that are easier to construct, to reduce risk, waste, and the need to improvise in the field.

Erection Engineering

As structures rise, they must maintain stability and strength as each stage of construction progresses. We use advanced tools to test building plans virtually, so we can help erectors sequence their construction phases optimally. Our engineers provide guidance on all factors, from handling temporary forces, to crane planning and critical lift analysis, to rigging, bracing and shoring designs.

Design of Temporary Works

Our engineers make up for the lack of industry standards and best practices for the loading and performance requirements of temporary and often unusual structures. Clients know we’ve got them covered when there is no off-the-shelf solution.

Excavation Support Systems

Our team collaborates with the excavation contractor to design retaining systems that perform. We understand the many ways soils and structures can interact and how to engineer solutions that adapt to changing conditions in the field.

Fabrication Modeling and Detailing

We develop models and drawings for the fabrication of structural steel, cold-formed steel and concrete reinforcing. This is particularly valuable in construction phases where multiple trades and materials interface. Our plans reduce the chances of scope gaps and surprises and help prevent costly conflicts in the field.


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