Reduce delays, overruns and headaches

XStream software simplifies one of the most complex elements of construction – the steel model. It integrates and iterates on the thousands of potential connections stemming from multiple inputs at various project stages to predict outcomes and design the optimal project phasing. Surprises are reduced. Time and money are saved.

XStream Software Quick Demo

Optimize Plans

XStream’s built-in tools and custom inputs allow the design team to iterate through multiple design and connection options to help optimize the timing and interplay of framing and connections throughout the project.

Eliminate Clashes

We can perfect the fabrication model by identifying and eliminating framing areas that have connection clashes. This process minimizes the time spent on raising and resolving RFIs typical to most projects.

Create Clarity

Our advanced visualization tools help identify connections that require through plates for circular and rectangular HSS column connections and clarify specifications at a fabrication level of detail.

Reduce Cost

Before fabrication begins, we can identify beam connections that require web reinforcement plates. This allows the design team to consider cost-saving alternatives earlier in the design phase.