Building forensics technicians repelling down facade.

Forensic Analysis

Failures resolved

We analyze the complete range of structural failures, from catastrophic collapse to minor performance issues. Our forensics team identifies root causes, designs repair solutions, and consults during and after construction.

Our expertise

Every hour of every day, our experts are on call to help clients worldwide recover from building failures caused by earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, fires, sinkholes, tornadoes, structural defects, and other issues. Our analyses uncover causes and provide remedial solutions that minimize risk, prevent further damage, and assure long-term stability so owners can get their buildings back in service quickly and safely.

Insurance Claims Consulting

Our team knows that property issues and insurance claims go hand-in-hand. We understand the inner workings of insurance companies and are experts at interacting with them for the benefit of our clients. We help companies of all sizes, all over the world report findings, file claims, and expedite payments, so they can get their facilities fixed and functioning as soon as possible.

Litigation Support

When incidents happen, legal action often follows. Our forensics experts meticulously review all relevant documentation to help clients present their cases professionally and ethically. We dig deep to find the root cause at incident sites, often investigating foundation and enclosure failures, framing defects, water intrusion, flood damage, materials failure, corrosion, and many other issues.

Vibration Consulting

We help clients solve vibration issues that damage structures, interfere with sensitive equipment, and pose a nuisance to occupants. Our experts utilize advanced diagnostics tools for source detection, conduct feasibility studies around various remedial approaches, and design mitigation solutions, including isolation systems, demolition vibration monitoring and more.

Emergency Response & Disaster Recovery

Our forensics team can mobilize within hours of a catastrophe to conduct surveys and develop damage reports. We also can get involved proactively, helping clients plan ahead for potential disasters. We review property portfolios to identify areas vulnerable to water damage, structural failure, or collapse due to construction defects, explosions, fires, storms, floods, earthquakes and more.

Failure Analysis

We bring together a team of specialists in materials, building science, structural performance, and design to evaluate a broad range of failures and the impact they will have on operations. We utilize 3D models, animations, video, and other advanced tools to demonstrate the precise root causes. Drawing from our findings, we’re able to design intelligent repair solutions and prevent additional damage.

Fire Damage Assessment & Repair

The utter devastation caused by fire makes it extremely difficult to evaluate the damage. Our experts combine decades of experience in assessing fire-damaged structures with our in-house testing capabilities to create a true picture of the destruction. From there we’re able to create a workable plan to repair, restore, and bring the building back into service.

Catastrophic Event Consulting (CAT)

When disaster strikes, we can help put you on the road to recovery almost immediately. Our catastrophic-event consultants are ready to deploy anywhere in the world at a moment’s notice to start the process.