Driving Efficiency

Our team knows that traffic design is about much more than moving vehicles. It’s about efficiency for all people who interact with the roadway, including the pedestrians who need to cross it. Our engineers design to streamline routes, reduce congestion, provide clear direction to users, enhance safety, and generally raise the quality of life in communities. Public clients call on us to solve traffic issues because we believe in serving their people as much as they do.


Our traffic control specialists conduct studies to determine the best approach for designing each intersection. Our analyses consider all options, including traffic signals, two-way stops, four-way stops, and alternative routing such as roundabouts. We help transportation agencies and developers at the state, county, and municipal levels optimize their signalization plans.

Traffic Control

As communities grow and evolve, so must their transportation networks. We help clients safely conduct construction projects to reconfigure existing roadways and infrastructure to better serve all users, including auto, rail, and pedestrian traffic. Our engineers design solutions that allow for continued operations and services during construction, to streamline projects and minimize disruption to traffic flow and people’s lives.


Our traffic engineering team develops roadway designs using our proven phased process. We collaborate with our clients at every step, from concept to schematics to final designs. Our solutions encompass signalization, traffic control, intersection design, and detailed alignment of all roadway features to ensure efficient movement of vehicles and foot traffic.


We help clients modify existing intersections and plan for new intersection and roadway segment projects. Our schematics cover all details, including lane widths, turning radii, lane alignment through intersections, and median widths and lengths. Our team is especially skilled at planning for areas with high congestion, limited sight distances, and high volumes of oversized vehicles.