Sure infrastructure

Dams play a crucial role in supporting local and regional infrastructure, providing numerous benefits to communities and their surroundings. However, the potential risks associated with dam failure cannot be ignored, as this can pose significant risks to people, properties downstream, and the environment. It is essential to prioritize proper maintenance and operation to minimize these risks.

Multidisciplinary services

We have a rich history of providing engineering services for the design, repair, retrofit, and rehabilitation of dams and reservoirs. Our approach to every project prioritizes cost-effectiveness, safety, performance, and aesthetics, ensuring a comprehensive delivery process. We take pride in our ability to understand our client’s unique needs and help them achieve their goals and vision for their projects. A key objective in completing these projects is to deliver an extraordinary client experience and establish a fully integrated project team that includes all project stakeholders.

Our expertise in hydraulics and structural design/diagnostics results in unparalleled skills for providing multidisciplinary engineering services for these complex structures and facilities. We have successfully assisted federal and state agencies, municipalities, and private clients in meeting regulatory requirements and enhancing the integrity of their dams.