Controlled Currents

As urbanization reshapes the natural landscape, storm water must be redirected in safe and responsible ways. We help clients design modern storm water infrastructure to control the impacts their developments have on runoff pathways and volumes, and water quality. We combine hydrology and hydraulics expertise, public policy knowledge, and advanced engineering to create projects that capture, manage, treat, and convey storm water to protect property and lives.

Drainage Master Planning

Drainage systems require vast spaces. Thus, they require intensive planning. We help clients design every element of drainage infrastructure, including space requirements and limitations, capacities, costs, and project phasing. For decades we have collaborated and strategized with a multitude of municipalities and developers to create complex drainage master plans and bring them to fruition in the real world.

Drainage System Design

Our extensive hydraulics expertise comes to the forefront when designing drainage system infrastructure. Our specialists apply this science to identify optimal ways to move, store, and release storm water into designed features such as canals, pipes, ponds, reservoirs, outlets, spillways, erosion control systems, pump stations, and other receiving bodies.

Low Impact Development

Often, the best way to prevent the damaging effects of storm water is to hold onto it. We engineer specialized infrastructure that detains the water on site to either eliminate or minimize its impact on receiving streams. Our designs cover all critical elements of the project, including water treatment, runoff reduction, and features to enhance aesthetics.

Stream Restoration

Streams are sacred – to the lands they flow through and the people who enjoy them. When urbanization and increased flow rates alter their courses, behaviors, and ecologies, we help communities restore their precious value. Our stream restoration engineers specialize in creating systems that bring the natural beauty and bearing back to streams in harmony with the needs of developing population centers.

Storm Water Quality and NPDES Consulting

We help clients navigate the stringent regulations that govern the quality of storm water discharge. Our consultants equip cities and developers with the information and plans they need to bring projects into compliance with the latest directives. We provide storm water quality management plans, strategies, and programs that allow them to build with confidence.