Water Supply

Today securing reliable water supplies is more challenging than decades ago due to limited availability, climate variability, competing uses, environmental needs, political barriers, and increasingly strict (and yet sometimes convoluted) regulatory requirements. At Walter P Moore we understand that water is a scarce resource that must be managed efficiently to meet increasing demands and preserve it for future generations.  Development of large reservoirs and large scale groundwater pumping are not the norm today and innovative strategies are needed to find ways to manage the amounts we have available.  Water conservation, water reuse, rainwater harvesting, desalination, water efficient systems, system optimization, aquifer storage, drought management, and water quality protection are some of the emerging water strategies that we fully embrace and understand at Walter P Moore.

Water Supply Master Planning
We help clients in defining a road map for reliable water sources.  Planning for water supply infrastructure includes demand and supply projections, water availability assessment, conceptual facility layout, economic feasibility studies, life cycle cost analysis, and permitting requirements assessment. 

Sustainable Water Systems
Water is needed to sustain both human and natural environments and sometimes the limited availability of water creates conflicts. We design elements that help manage the water in a better way (reuse, storm water capture, low impact development and others) to meet stated sustainability goals.

Reservoir Planning and Design
If properly sited and designed, reservoirs can provide multiple benefits for water supply, storm water detention or flood protection, recreation, and water quality control.  Our engineers work with clients to identify reservoir purpose, determine site impact and feasibility, design, and address environmental, regulatory and economic issues. 

Water Distribution Systems
A water management and planning project cannot be complete without adequate water distribution. We design efficient distribution systems to deliver water with adequate pressure and water quality according to mandated regulatory standards, and determine best operational practices.