Well Hydrated

Clean, abundant, available water supply is a non-negotiable issue. Yet securing that supply is enormously challenging. We help clients navigate the full range of issues, from population growth and resource competition to climate change and regulations. Our experts know that large-scale reservoirs and groundwater pumping must give way to innovations that combine conservation, water reuse, rainwater harvesting, desalination, aquifer storage, drought management, quality protection, and more.

Water Supply Master Planning

We help clients draw an accurate roadmap to viable and reliable water sources and build the appropriate infrastructure to get there. Our master plans provide demand and supply projections, water availability assessments, conceptual facility layouts, economic feasibility studies, life cycle cost analyses, and permitting requirements assessments.

Sustainable Water Systems

Every living thing, animal and plant, must have water. These needs often cause conflicts, competition, shortages, and loss of life. We help clients resolve these serious issues with sustainable solutions. Our engineers take a big-picture approach, at the systems level, to deliver designs that improve water management through reuse, storm water capture, low impact development, and other long-term measures.

Reservoir Planning and Design

Our engineers understand the myriad purposes reservoirs can serve, including water supply, storm water detention, flood protection, recreation, and water quality control. We help our clients define the goals of a planned reservoir up front and design for purpose, covering every element from project feasibility and siting to environmental impacts and regulatory concerns.

Water Distribution Systems

Our water resources team includes specialists who understand all factors and complexities that go into delivering water reliably on a large scale. We design distribution systems that supply water to communities at targeted pressures and quality levels. Our plans outline the best operational practices for the given system and ensure the project will comply with regulatory mandates.