Adaptive Reuse

When your building becomes functionally obsolete, having the right kind of structural engineering experience becomes more important than ever.  Whether the right answer is a retrofit, adaptive reuse, or demolition, Walter P Moore will be your essential guide and design partner.  

We provide a full range of structural stewardship and renewal services to owners and operators of existing buildings.  We engage with owners and architects to explore how to improve, or completely repurpose a building to extend its service use. 

Most major structures require modifications, updates and improvements.  Virtually every stadium and airport is constantly evaluated and improved to respond to users’ expectations, revenue generating opportunities, and security improvements. Walter P Moore has led the structural modifications and rehabilitation of over 30 major sports venues and facilities on over 20 major airport campuses.  Walter P Moore can also bring its restoration experts to address exposed structures such as aging stadiums and parking structures as they must be regularly assessed for deterioration and rehabilitated to extend its useful service life.



Feasibility studies and conceptual design

We conduct a variety of structural studies and develop conceptual solutions to help owners understand the possibilities, limitations, challenges, and expected costs to modify, rehabilitate, or change the functional use of their existing structure.  These studies quickly and inexpensively answer the fundamental conceptual questions of “Can it be done?” and “If so, how and how much will it cost?”


Review for conformance with changing codes

When an older building is substantially renovated, it often must comply with the usually more stringent structural requirements of the current structural code.  To deal with this with a minimum of cost and disruption, Walter P Moore will evaluate the structure for code conformance and then develop efficient conceptual solutions to mitigate or resolve areas of non-compliance.


Increases in load capacity for heavier occupancy

When an owner needs to increase floor capacity, Walter P Moore examines viable options considering access restrictions, relative costs, downtime to existing occupied spaces, and impact on functional spaces.  We then work with the owner and architect to develop the most appropriate solutions.


Improvement of performance under vibration loads

Many existing structures exhibit localized occupant-induced vibrations that may be objectionable to the user.  In these cases Walter P Moore uses a variety of techniques to investigate the root cause of the vibrations.  If the force causing the vibration cannot be mitigated or eliminated, we develop economical solutions to reduce the vibration to acceptable levels.  Solutions often include supplemental bracing or stiffening, supplemental damping systems or simple relocation of the loading that is creating the vibration. 


Installation of new functional elements

Changing functional needs often spur owners to explore the installation of new components and systems in existing structures, including elevators, escalators, material handling systems, security features, and amenities.  We work with owners to explore structural solutions to accommodate these enhancements while minimizing construction costs and disruption of existing operations, especially in buildings that must remain operational while the building is being enhanced.