The exterior of Bank of America Stadium, which is curved and features an entryway of glass windows and doors. The street around the stadium is clean and smooth pavement, lined with neatly manicured shrubs, grass and trees.

Bank of America Stadium Renovations

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Project Facts

Location Charlotte, North Carolina
Owner Carolina Panthers
Status Completed 2020
Capacity 74,867 seats


Considered ahead of its time the original Carolinas Stadium was designed as a self-contained headquarters in 1996. The stadium underwent only minor improvements until the 2013–14 offseason, but by then, even the iconic Panther-blue light domes had faded over time. Our team spearheaded several iterations of upgrades between 2013 and 2020, completely modernizing the facility and providing impressive facility enhancements such as expansive video boards, video ribbon boards, and express escalators. 

Stadium seating packed with spectators excitedly watching a Carolina Panthers game below a towering video scoreboard. Most are dressed in Carolina Blue fan gear. Photo credit: Huntley Paton.

Newly renovated seating at Bank of America Stadium.

The glass entry doors to Bank of America Stadium, featuring a roaring panther statue on the right hand side.

A decorative support and beam system on the side of a sports stadium.

The exterior of Panther's Stadium, which features a rounded shape, and many glass windows and doors. The stadium is surrounded by trees and lush greenery and grass.

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About the project

As the stadium approached its 20th year, our team embarked on a transformative journey to bring the facility up to modern standards, beginning in the 2013-2014 offseason. The introduction of express escalators was the first significant enhancement, strategically positioned between main entrances to transport fans efficiently. This innovation not only facilitated vertical movement but also created covered areas on the upper deck, enhancing the overall spectator experience.

The stadium’s interior underwent a dramatic overhaul with the installation of new video scoreboards and 360-degree ribbon boards. The existing video boards, mounted on a 215-foot by 45-foot structure in 2017, were cantilevered off concrete columns supporting the upper deck seating bowl. The decision to replace them with a 250-foott by 80-foot structure necessitated structural reinforcement. We devised a solution involving 22-foot by 18-foot steel plates, each weighing fourteen thousand pounds, strategically sandwiched around existing supports. To secure them, 96 anchor rods, each weighing 14,000 pounds, were meticulously employed for every plate.

Further innovations included replacing small ribbon boards installed in 2007 with twin, five feet tall, 360-degree ribbon boards flanking the suite level between the upper and lower deck. These boards, the tallest in the NFL, and the new video boards, ranking among the top ten largest in the league. The iconic light domes also underwent a transformation as part of an overall lighting package converting the stadium to high-efficiency LED lighting. Positioned 100 feet in the air, these domes not only echoed the intense Panther blue but also featured programmable LED ribs for intricate designs and color changes.

A lighting tower assessment evolved into a comprehensive condition assessment, laying the foundation for recommended structural and waterproofing repairs from 2015 through 2020. This included the expansion of the ticket office, which was tripled in size within the existing stadium structure. We removed an independent structure, added a floor, and reconfigured stairs, creating additional operations, administrative, and storage space.

Our expert team also addressed small yet critical items, including safety measures, such as conducting structural assessments, repairing decorative panels, benches, bollards, planters, and providing solutions for a new field goal net benches. Today, Bank of American Stadium stands not only as a historic landmark but as a contemporary sports facility poised to deliver a modern experience.