Andy Yung

Andy Yung

Andy Yung, PE, CFM


With more than 27 years of experience as an engineer, planner, and hydrologist, Andy has managed a wide range of engineering projects involving hydrology, hydraulics, master drainage studies, channel modification and hydraulic structure designs, watershed impact analyses, detention facility designs, and dam safety analyses. His project locations span from Alaska to California to New York and all over Texas. Because of his in-depth knowledge, Andy has given numerous seminars, technical papers and presentations on hydrology/hydraulics to colleagues and the general public.

Over the years, he has also provided technical and peer review for several local and federal flood damage reduction projects. He is very familiar with HEC-HMS/HEC-1, HEC-RAS/HEC-2, HEC-DSS, and HEC-SSP and provides technical support and training to users of these programs. Andy holds a Bachelor of Civil Engineering from Georgia Tech. He is a licensed engineer in Texas, Louisiana, and Georgia as well as a Certified Floodplain Manager.

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Boots in the Water: Assistance During and After Hurricane Harvey
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Real-Time Flood Warning and Flood Forecasting
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Who or what inspires you?
My wife… a picture of grace, patience, and compassion….
What gives you the most satisfaction in your work?
Finding solutions to complex problems.
Why did you choose Walter P Moore?
…its stellar reputation in the engineering community, my colleagues, work atmosphere, and opportunity to expand our water resources expertise.
What’s the best advice you’ve received—so far?
Don’t stress over things you can’t change.


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