California Academy of Sciences Piazza Operable Roof.

Science & Technology

Human progress

We help clients advance the knowledge, health, and wellbeing of people, communities, and nations around the world. Science never sleeps, so we never rest in our quest to innovate groundbreaking facilities to help humanity thrive.

Our expertise

Walter P Moore partners with visionary clients who are forging the future of life on this planet through scientific and technological advancements. We apply our industry-focused design expertise to help facility owners, operators, architects and builders create modern environments where inspiration can come alive. Our team has been instrumental in engineering state-of-the-art applied research facilities, laboratories, hospitals, specialized care centers, academic research centers, medical schools, and more.

The world’s greatest ideas need exceptional places to flourish. We are the team that the scientific and technological communities call on to help them build structures where astounding advancements can happen and real progress can be made. Our engineers understand the industry’s unique challenges and how to solve them. They bring leading expertise to all the key disciplines, including complex site utility infrastructure, diagnostics, in-situ vibration monitoring, building enclosure assessments, forensics, and more. We never forget that ultimately, through our work, we are serving not science, but humankind.