Floodplain Management

Sound floodplain management strategies are essential for responsible urban development in flood prone areas. We are proud of the close collaboration over the years with public agencies and private clients to identify areas of flood risk, develop floodplain or inundation maps, take measurements to protect human lives and structures, and prevent adverse impacts to flood levels resulting from construction activities. Our floodplain management projects are based on our engineers' solid hydrologic and hydraulic concepts and their good judgment combined with state of the art modeling and mapping tools with consideration of the regulatory requirements and policies, elements that all together define a unique skill set that we put to work every day to mitigate flood problems and protect our communities.

Floodplain Studies
We assist clients with issues related to development in the floodplain to comply with applicable regulations. This includes floodplain studies under FEMA guidelines and development of mitigation plans to prevent adverse impacts to flood levels. Our work uses advanced hydrologic and hydraulic modeling with consideration of environmental and regulatory requirements. 

Flood Control Works
Designing and preparing plans and specifications for flood protection and flood risk mitigation works is a special capability we bring to clients. Our knowledge in design of detention and retention structures, flood proof structures, storm water pumping facilities, water diversion structures, and other structures result in a safer environment.

Forensic Analysis
Based on sound technical engineering concepts, our engineers offer expert assessments to determine the cause of flooding and assistance with conflict resolution related to flooding damages.