View of two people sitting outside the Stephen S. Wise Temple Katz Pavilion and it's cantilevered awning.

Cultural Facilities

Uplifting humanity

We help clients evoke the joy, energy, and optimism of the human condition by creating stunning structures of art, progress, and purpose. We partner with them to bring the most ambitious, astonishing, and consequential concepts to life.


A collaborative, integrated approach and a team of creative thinkers are much more critical in the design of cultural facilities than in most other building types. Walter P Moore provides engineering design for performing arts centers and other culture facilities with stunning open spaces and excellent acoustics, providing engineering solutions that enable exceptional venue performance for both performer and public. Whether they dazzle in Vegas or offer refinement in more suburban settings, these environments inspire us all.


Walter P Moore has delivered dynamic and minimalistic structural solutions to dozens of museums experienced by millions of people throughout the firm’s history. We leverage our expertise in unique and creative structural solutions to meet the many demands presented by this unique building type such as irregular column layouts, magnificent atria, large flowing roofs, knife-edge profiles, and cantilevers with presence. Our high-end analysis techniques and BIM capabilities, coupled with innovative thought, result in structures that not only support the architecture but enhance the experience of the end user—the people.