Interior view of an incredibly open, expansive theater with lots of people sitting in the audience.


Astounding stories

Modern entertainment venues are a fantastical species seen nowhere else in the built environment. We give them life. Clients call us to help them realize their most ambitious visions to astonish visitors and keep them coming back.

Our expertise

Year after year, our team breaks new ground on what’s possible in entertainment. From theme parks and casinos to aquariums and experiential attractions, we help clients imagine and build extraordinary projects that defy architectural norms, devise new forms of storytelling, and deliver enduring value to owners and communities. Our engineers understand the inherent conflicts between the needs for speed, economy, and structural brilliance. We bring peerless expertise and technology to solve the issues and achieve greatness, on time and on budget.

Our difference

Clients seek our expertise not only because we design groundbreaking venues, but because we create unforgettable experiences. We do this first by placing zero limits on our creativity. From there we make the most daring ideas possible through technical mastery and an aptitude for bringing stakeholders with widely varying goals into alignment. We move forward as one with owners, builders, specialty vendors, and the public to create structures that are safe, compliant, constructable, maintainable—and incomparable.