Memorial Park Conservancy Clay Family Eastern Glades


Memorial Park Conservancy


Construction Cost: $19.6 million

Completion Date: 2020

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Memorial Park Conservancy Clay Family Eastern Glades


Building upon our Phase I design, Walter P Moore was selected for civil and water resources engineering for Phase II of the Memorial Park Eastern Glades project. Phase II involved grading and utility design for a gathering lawn, picnic facilities, and expanded parking. A major element involved reevaluating detention requirements and re-sizing a lake proposed in Phase I. A water balance study confirmed the lake’s capacity to store water for monthly irrigation. We sized the outflow structure to provide detention and stormwater quality treatment. This included sediment forebays to minimize particulates to improve lake water quality and substantially reduce maintenance dredging. The team also confirmed that an existing ravine could handle the lake’s predicted outfall and determined erosion protection was needed.

To address the owner’s aesthetic concerns for a natural environment, all infrastructure is hidden and the lake will maintain at a three-foot depth. From this level, the park will re-use one foot for irrigation in lieu of buying potable city water. A water balance study used statistical rainfall analysis to determine what percentage of total irrigation demand would be met by using the one foot of water. Working with a lake consultant designing the circulation system, it was determined that the lake will be refilled with rainfall and stormwater capture.

In addition to preserving a natural environment, we focused on preservation of the existing forestry – saving and working around the existing trees. The project also achieved SITES Certification, the LEED designation for sustainable site development.