Jimmy Falls


Practice Areas

Jimmy specializes in the delivery of complex buildings with accelerated design and construction schedules. With over a decade of experience in structural engineering, he focuses on conceptual design development, project scope and budget formulation, and the production of structural documentation. By understanding the perspectives and priorities of all involved parties, he ensures that the structural design aligns with the needs and environment of the project, ultimately resulting in a successful outcome.


Drawing from his expertise in structural engineering, Jimmy has contributed to a variety of projects across multiple sectors, including aviation, higher education, healthcare, sports, and commercial. Notable projects he has been involved in include Highmark Stadium, Classic Center Arena, Camping World Stadium Renovation, Tampa International Airport ConRAC Facility and APM Center, CoolToday Park, Florida Polytechnic University Applied Research Center, and University of South Florida MCOM and Heart Institute.


B.S., Civil Engineering, University of Florida
M.S., Structural Engineering, University of Florida