People cheering at soccer game at Allianz Field.


Game changed

We engineer icons of the sporting world. Visionary owners select us to design showcase structures that raise standards, open revenue streams, enrich player and media experiences, invoke public pride and ignite joy in fans everywhere.

Our expertise

When owners, architects, builders and communities want to create a sports venue that’s in a league of its own, they entrust the engineering to Walter P Moore. Over 70 years we have designed more than 200 major stadiums, arenas, ballparks and training centers – often achieving structural feats that blaze new trails for what’s possible. In this mad-paced industry, we have built a reputation for reducing cost and schedule risks and bringing the most daring designs to life.

Our difference

Part of what makes us renowned sports experts is that we’re huge sports fans. We are obsessed with evolving our beloved games and helping amazing new venues rise to the skies. Our drive to push past convention has made us the premier designer of retractable roofs, large-span structures and other advances. Our deep collaboration, airtight integration, advanced tech and boundless creativity mean we can deliver a client’s most complex and most ambitious vision in ways others can’t.