500 South Main Garage


City of Las Vegas


Parking: 750 spaces

Levels: 6

Feature: above grade / stand alone

Delivery Method: Design-Build

500 South Main Garage

Las Vegas

500 South Main Garage sits in the heart of downtown Las Vegas’ Symphony Park, a master planned development. The garage serves the Las Vegas City Hall and surrounding retail as well as overflow parking for Smith Center for Performing Arts events. 

With numerous site constraints including railroad tracks, a Federal building, high voltage power lines, and a water/power station, along with a gas line directly under the building, team communication was critical. As design team project manager, Walter P Moore made certain close design and construction collaboration typified team interaction.

The precast concrete structure includes a pedestrian bridge that connects to Smith Center. To meet the city’s Green Initiative, the team included electric vehicle charging stations, provisions for photovoltaic cells (solar trees) on the roof, and an energy efficient lighting system.

Walter P Moore took the original bridging documents and reconfigured the garage design to make it more efficient and user friendly. The reconfigured ramping system, utilizing an express ramp and one- way internal traffic system, increased the garage’s space count and improved accessibility – all at a lower cost to the city.