An inviting seating area with plush modern sofa and armchairs is positioned before the grand lobby entryway, framed by decorative vertical planks. Hanging cylindrical pendant lighting adds a touch of modern elegance.

70 Hudson Lobby Renovation

Visionary digital fabrication

Project Facts

Location Jersey City, New Jersey
Owner Spear Street Capital
Cost $5 million
Status Completed 2017


When Spear Street Capital sought to revitalize their neoclassical lobby, which faces Lower Manhattan and is highly visible from the Jersey City Boardwalk promenade, they turned to our team for our expertise in digital fabrication. The vision was a fresh, dynamic and contemporary look to attract tenants and pedestrians alike. Tasked with creating a striking entry piece, we seamlessly integrated custom CNC-cut aluminum fins, overcoming structural challenges with innovative solutions. Our meticulous approach and specialized knowledge ensured the realization of the design.

On the right, modern seating arrangements stand with tables, while to the left, a decorative wall features a honeycomb-like pattern of stacked circle cutouts. Above the seating, cylindrical pendant lights illuminate the area, with a wall of windows on the far right offering natural light and a view.

A spacious lobby adorned with various seating options such as sofas, armchairs, desks, and stools, lies beyond a well-lit and open walkway. Elegant columns embellish the scene while the back wall, composed entirely of windows, unveils a breathtaking view of the iconic Manhattan skyline in the distance.

An inviting, contemporary lobby with modern seating to the left, occupied by several people working, and a spacious walkway with two people walking. In the center, a grand decorative column ascends to meet a ceiling with ornate molding.

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About the project

Our team’s role was to develop a specialty entry piece highlighted by custom CNC-cut aluminum fins due to our knowledge of digital fabrication.

One challenge our team overcame was providing appropriate structural support for the impressive structure given the current load constraints. Originally built in 2001, the 8,200 square foot lobby includes an entry feature resembles a clad box with a void carved out for the front desk and elevator lobby entrance. The void created the challenge because the piece had to be supported by the structure above where the fins did not extend to the floor. Since the floor slab was almost at capacity, any significant loads would have to be supported elsewhere. Our team devised a solution: existing columns and beams could take gravity loads, while the slab holds only attachments for lateral forces.

We drove the design engineering and detailing of the feature wall and were also responsible for establishing a list of suitable fabricators who could successfully build the feature wall. The goals of the lobby refresh were achieved thanks to the innovation and careful detailing of our team’s enclosure engineering team.