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Enclosure Engineering

Pushing the Envelope

Our engineers facilitate all aspects of enclosure systems, including concept, design, detailing, construction, performance, maintenance, and renewal. Our designs are original, functional, sustainable, cost effective, and beautiful.

Our Expertise

Our team includes specialists in all facets of building envelope design, from façades to roofing systems. For decades we’ve built deep knowledge in the engineering, detailing, manufacturing, procurement, and construction of new building enclosures. We also provide services to evaluate, maintain, repair, and renew existing enclosures. Today, owners need it all – quality, allure, comfort, conservation, maintainability, and longevity. We deliver on all counts.

Façade Leadership

Every day our experts push the limits on what a modern enclosure can be. We know that world-class façade systems need to be more sophisticated, intelligent, and integrated with the overall building design. We also know how to deal with modern challenges, like supplier fragmentation, proprietary technologies and varied procurement strategies. Our engineers support architects and designers in every detail to make their greatest visions real.

Enhanced by Diagnostics

Walter P Moore brings its full multidisciplinary expertise to bear on every project. Our enclosure engineering team works closely with our enclosure diagnostics and structural engineering groups to deliver groundbreaking designs that can handle the full range of natural and physical forces and perform in the real world.

Best-in-Class Processes

Modern enclosures are complicated, but the process of creating them doesn’t have to be. Architects count on our engineers to help simplify all aspects of designing and building advanced enclosure structures. They know that we know how to strike the perfect balance between aesthetic, performance, and budget requirements. We do this by providing integrated process controls for scope, costs, procurement, and construction.


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