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7th and Franklin Street Parking Garage

Designing to serve and preserve

Project Facts

Location Richmond, Virginia
Owner Commonwealth of Virginia
Cost $19.4 million
Status Completed 2011
Capacity 1,000 spaces


Situated in the bustling downtown Richmond business district, this expansive parking facility spans half a city block yet seamlessly preserves the district’s aesthetic appeal. The Walter P Moore team worked diligently to ensure this garage not only blends with the area, but is an asset that alleviates traffic bottlenecks and congestion, enhances the parking experience, and reduces energy consumption.

Best 7th and franklin

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About the project

Constructed with precast components, this parking structure was designed with an emphasis on maximizing functionality. The garage features two bays with double-loaded parking aisles, each equipped with a park-on-ramp ascending one parking level. Even with a total of 11 levels, eight elevated and three below ground, the 7th and Franklin Street Parking Garage stands as a model of efficient circulation. 

It includes two distinct circulation patterns and redundant auto exits and entries, strategically placed crossovers at every other level, and on-site amenities such as an office for security and garage management, proximity card readers, closed-circuit TV surveillance, roll-up entry gates, and Code Blue emergency stations.

Walter P Moore also conducted a comprehensive lighting evaluation, resulting in the selection of an energy-efficient LED lighting system. This system, complete with motion controls and photocell applications, not only enhances visibility but also delivers significant electricity savings. 

This development is a prime example of our commitment to creating innovative parking solutions that address both functionality and energy efficiency.