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American Airlines Center

Maverick venue sparks revival

Project Facts

Location Dallas, Texas
Owner Hillwood Properties, Inc.
Cost $210 million
Status Completed 2001
Capacity 18,100-19,500 seats


Driven by a dual purpose, the construction of American Airlines Center seamlessly integrated a 60-acre development into a historic district while also introducing amenities designed to stimulate economic growth. Walter P Moore provided structural engineering services for the arena, taking an innovative approach to design that ensured sustainability and cost-efficiency throughout the project. The resulting arena achieved every stated objective, and has spurred the revitalization of the West End district by drawing jobs and tourism to the area. American Airlines Center brings a world-class event space to Dallas, and is home to the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks and the NHL’s Dallas Stars.

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About the project

This architectural marvel was brought to life by the creative Walter P Moore team. Its standout design feature is an iconic cross-vault roof form, showcasing two intersecting barrel vaults. In line with a commitment to sustainability, the arena also incorporates locally-sourced materials, energy-efficient lighting, and water-saving fixtures.

Our team made a strategic choice to employ a cast-in-place concrete pan joist and girder framing system for the horizontal framing across the arena’s five public concourse levels, resulting in substantial cost savings. Additionally, the use of precast seating units to support the two primary seating decks allowed for efficient cost management and construction timeline control.

Beyond its architectural and cost savings achievements, this arena has become an economic cornerstone for Dallas, standing as a symbol of modernity and architectural excellence. In addition to sports, the venue hosts community events, circuses, ice shows, concerts, and more. American Airlines Center stands as both a city landmark and a dynamic entertainment hub, proudly upholding a legacy of sustainability.

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2002 ACEC National Honor Award for Structural Engineering Excellence

2002 Consulting Engineers Council - Texas Eminent Conceptor Award

2002 Consulting Engineers Council - Structural Engineering Excellence