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AT&T Stadium

Delivering record-breaking, game-changing design

Project Facts

Location Arlington, Texas
Owner Cowboys Stadium LP
Size 3,000,000 SF
Cost $1.15 billion
Status Completed 2009
Capacity 80,000-100,000 seats


With a stunning 80,000-seat arena spanning 3 million square feet, the world’s longest arched box trusses, and a jaw-dropping 160-foot, 1.2-million-pound video board suspended 90 feet above the playing field, this stadium is a true testament to cutting-edge design and innovation. Walter P Moore took the lead as structural engineer for this impressive project, which was completed in time for the 2009 football season.


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About the project

The jewel of this stadium is its domed roof, an engineering marvel supported by 14,100 tons of structural steel. It features two colossal arched box trusses, each measuring 16.5 feet in width and 35 feet in depth, spanning 1,225 feet, making them the longest of any building structure on the planet. These arch trusses exert forces of up to 19 million pounds, channeling their energy into a substantial 25-feet-wide thrust block, meticulously positioned above an 18-feet-wide, 176-feet-long, and 71-feet-deep slurry wall box foundation.

The roof has two expansive retractable panels, covered in translucent tensile fabric membrane, and measuring an impressive 256 feet by 410 feet. They are operated by a precision rack-and-pinion drive system, opening, and closing in a mere 12 minutes, to offer fans a breathtaking experience or shield them from the elements.

The stadium’s unique design allows the playing field to sit 50 feet below street level, affording fans a panoramic view. The seating bowl structure boasts cast-in-place concrete moment frames, cast-in-place concrete pan joist floor framing, and precast concrete seating units, providing comfort and functionality.

The end zones are enclosed by mammoth five-panel glass retractable doors, each measuring 180 feet in width and 120 feet in height. These doors open gracefully in 18 minutes, seamlessly connecting the stadium’s interior spaces with expansive outdoor plaza areas.

Sparing no attention to detail and luxury, the stadium has suites in eight different locations across five distinct levels, including field-level suites a mere 20 rows from the playing field. Additionally, a massive video board, spanning an impressive 160 feet in length and standing at a height of 72 feet, is suspended 90 feet above the center of the playing field, supported by a network of cables.

This extraordinary achievement is the fifth retractable roof stadium designed by Walter P Moore, with the mechanization design masterfully crafted by Uni-Systems. Walter P Moore’s contribution to the Dallas Cowboys’ new home stands as a testament to innovation and engineering excellence.



2010 Building Design and Construction Building Team of the Year Awards

2010 Street and Smith's Sports Business Journal Sports Facility of the Year

2010 ACEC Grand Award for Engineering Excellence

2010 AISC Innovative Design and Excellence in Architecture President's Award

2009 ASCE Texas Most Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award

2010 ACEC TX Eminent Conceptor Award for Engineering Excellence

2010 ACEC TX Gold Award for Engineering Excellence