Corner view of the Bok Park Plaza from across the street at night.

BOK Park Plaza Tower

Contemporary skyscraper harmoniously blends history, safety, and sustainability

Project Facts

Location Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Owner Bank of Oklahoma
Size 1,500,000 SF
Cost $270 million
Status Completed 2018
Certifications LEED Gold


Breaking the skyline as the 6th tallest building in Oklahoma City, the 27-story BOK Park Plaza Tower mirrors the design of the adjacent Devon Corporate Campus. Natural light takes center stage, with windows extending to the top of the ten-foot ceilings, offering Class-A offices breathtaking panoramic views. This sustainable masterpiece seamlessly blends the historic charm of the 1930s main street with the contemporary allure of a lively business sector.

The Bok Park Plaza Tower rises above trees into a sky with scattered clouds.

Bok Park Plaza entrance at night with lights highlighting the trees

Inside the entrance to the Bok Park Plaza Tower with detailed woodwork

Oklahoma City skyline with the Bok Park Plaza Tower

Looking down from above to the Bok Park Plaza Tower street entrance.

Lighted entrance into the Bok Park Plaza with floor-to-ceiling windows at night

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About the project

As the sixth-tallest building in the city, the 27-story cast-in-place office tower houses the Bank of Oklahoma and Devon Energy, with additional space available for office and retail tenants. Two parking garage structures, one precast concrete and one cast-in-place, hold over 1,600 cars. The project also connects to the Downtown OKC Underground system and includes two skybridges to connect the tower to the commercial property across Hudson Avenue via the north garage.

Walter P Moore’s Secure Design specialists were engaged early in the design phase to provide a threat and damage assessment for the new tower. As part of this effort, engineers worked closely with the developer and design team to establish appropriate explosive and vehicle ramming threats for consideration. Walter P Moore analyzed the level of protection and extent of damage for an unhardened building for each threat size. Various structure and building envelope mitigation methods were studied before meeting with the owner and design team to formulate a comprehensive protection strategy.

Bok Park Plaza Tower building at sunrise with trees

Pedestrian sky-bridge at the Bok Park Plaza

Bok Park Plaza Tower building at night with city lights

The sidewalk in front of the Bok Park Plaza Tower shows the steel columns.

The Bok Park Plaza Tower in the city skyline at night

Side view of the Bok Park Plaza Tower during the day

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Seamless integration

The team worked closely with the architect, landscape architect, and design team to coordinate vehicle barriers and structural hardening, including strengthened floor systems, column protection for areas of uncontrolled public access, and exposed columns to protect against satchel-carried and vehicle-borne explosive devices. The close relationship between structural and secure design services provided by Walter P Moore allowed for the seamless integration of effective structural hardening and efficient construction administration of security components.