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City Center Las Vegas Parking Garage

Efficient design elevates experience

Project Facts

Location Las Vegas, Nevada
Owner MGM
Capacity 11,000 spaces


City Center Las Vegas is a mixed-use urban complex with hotel and casinos, residential towers, office buildings and retail space, located on 76 acres along the Las Vegas Strip. This resort destination was designed by world-renowned architects to create a sense of community and a place where people can gather. Walter P Moore was engaged to design both the Sinatra Parking employee garage and the valet garage that are key to City Center’s premium guest experience.


Sinatra city center garage

About the project

The Sinatra garage is a standalone facility offering a dedicated internal pick-up and drop-off area separate from guest and general traffic. The design incorporates two purpose-built speed ramps to move employees in and out quickly and easily. 

The large-footprint valet garage was designed to service City Center Resort and Casino guests and is located under the podium of the hotel. This garage has a cascading ramp design that provides easy access to the valet parking supply resulting in a high level of service for guests.

Valet services are at ground and basement level, and are segregated from the rest of the facility. The basement area valet is accessible from the hotel through a tunnel providing an increased level of service for guests. The Walter P Moore team also assisted in developing a surface level traffic flow pattern to move vehicles in and around the site quickly and efficiently which integrated the ingress and egress of City Center’s garages, while minimizing pedestrian interruptions. 

Both the Sinatra Parking and valet garages stands as a testament to Walter P Moore’s commitment to user-centric design. Through thoughtful planning and innovative solutions, we have successfully created a parking facility that not only serves its functional purpose efficiently but also enhances the overall experience for guests and employees alike, reinforcing our dedication to delivering quality solutions that prioritize user satisfaction.