City of Tampa Garage Assessment Program


Prime Consultant
Condition Assessment
Capital Asset Management Plan
Repair Recommendations

City of Tampa Garage Assessment Program


Walter P Moore performed a condition assessment of ten parking structures and developed a 10-year Capital Asset Management Plan (CAMP) for the City of Tampa. The assessments included visual site observations to identify structural and waterproofing items in need of repair as well as concrete material testing. A general review of the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems was also performed. Based on our visual observations, the general condition of each garage was assessed as good or fair. Our recommendations for maintenance repairs were prioritized according to the need of each garage in the following categories: Immediate Life Safety Repairs, High Priority Repairs, Medium Priority Repairs, and Low Priority Repairs. Our assessments identified potentially unsafe conditions of which the City was unaware. Shoring and stabilization of individual structural components were performed until the permanent repairs could be made.

Our findings, recommendations, and CAMP will be used by the City as a guide to prepare annual maintenance contracts, as well as a tool to plan funding for the necessary repair work.