A tiered retaining wall, resembling stairs and constructed with large stones held in place by wire mesh, provides protection to the higher ground and roadway above from the creek below.

Creekview Retaining Wall and Roadway Improvements

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Project Facts

Location Coppell, Texas
Owner City of Coppell
Size 400 LF
Cost $1 million


With a proven track record of modernizing infrastructure to meet contemporary needs, our team specializes in addressing the evolving challenges facing civil engineering projects. In this project, we were tasked with repairing a section of roadway experiencing settlement and erosion issues since its construction in 2001. We not only conducted a comprehensive study and implemented innovative solutions to ensure the longevity and stability of the roadway, but also upgraded the water and sewer systems which were also impacted.

About the project

This section of roadway had experienced settlement of approximately one foot since its construction, and was originally constructed near the outside bend of a creek where partial height retaining walls were constructed at the top of the creek bank. The retaining walls were at risk of failure from the creek erosion.

Our team first prepared a study of the area to recommend potential solutions to both the roadway settlement and the creek erosion. The resulting design included protection of the existing retaining walls with another erosion protection retaining wall. The new wall is stabilized with rock anchors. The street and five feet of the fill beneath were removed and replaced so that the road is founded on adequately compacted material. A 12-inch water main was also replaced, as well as a storm sewer in the street which had experienced significant movement related issues.


2014 APWA Texas Chapter Project of the Year: Environmental less than $2 million