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George Bush Intercontinental Airport Automated People Mover

A new season of passenger experience seamlessly connects all terminals

Project Facts

Location Houston, Texas
Owner Houston Airport System
Cost $105 million
Status Completed 2010


All five terminals at IAH are now connected by an above-ground automated people-mover dubbed “Skyway.” The aboveground Skyway provides transportation between terminals while inside security, and seamlessly connects the passenger experience between terminals—a critical component for tens of thousands of international travelers.

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About the project

The passenger experience at George Bush Airport needed an upgrade. Maneuvering between the north and south concourse meant enduring the inconvenience of having to leave and re-enter through security. Service between Terminal A and other terminals was conducted primarily via bus from the tarmac. The airport identified the need to build Phase 3 of their Automated People Mover (APM) between Terminals A and B. Walter P Moore was engaged because of our structural and traffic engineering expertise and our history of providing first class service to the airport.

The project included an elevated guideway for the APM, an APM station, and an elevated pedestrian corridor. Maintaining airport operations and working around existing facilities were two significant challenges that were overcome during this project. The APM guideway expansion had to seamlessly connect to the existing guideway at Terminal B, and the existing maintenance facility. The APM station was located above two existing bridges that remained in-service throughout the duration of the project. The pedestrian corridor connected the north and south concourses while weaving its way over an active roadway, and between a parking garage ramp and the terminal building. Working around existing foundations and underground utilities created many unforeseen issues that were resolved quickly, and with finesse through heightened communication with the construction manager and contractor.

Walter P Moore worked closely with team to overcome the many obstacles that so often arise during the construction of such a complex project. At the conclusion of this project, the Walter P Moore team was presented with the IAH APM3 Leadership Award for our collective and individual efforts during the project, which was delivered under budget and ahead of schedule.