A diverse group of people look over a map of their community. A man in an orange button-down shirt appears addresses the group, while a man in a white polo shirt reaches for a collection of markers sitting on the table where the map is laid out.

H-GAC Pedestrian and Bicycle Study

Tech-driven mobility solutions

Project Facts

Location Houston, Texas
Owner Houston-Galveston Area Council


When entrusted with recommending pedestrian and bicycle facilities across the expansive region under The Houston-Galveston Area Council’s jurisdiction, our mission was clear: enhance air quality and promote sustainable urban mobility. But when that area is 12,500 square miles with over six million residents, the process requires experienced and efficient handling. Our data-informed approach ensured that the recommendations were not only timely but also strategically identified the needs of the communities within the region.

About the project

Using cutting-edge Geographic Information Systems (GIS) tools, our team analyzed factors like automobile ownership rates, student population percentages, population density, and land use patterns, among other key criteria. By considering these variables, we identified optimal areas where the implementation of pedestrian and bicycle facilities could be maximized for the benefit of the community and the environment alike.

The analysis resulted in the identification of a prime candidate area for a pilot project situated within Houston’s vibrant Third Ward. Projections were made regarding the potential reductions in vehicle miles traveled and associated tailpipe emissions upon implementation of targeted improvements. After extensive public engagement, two projects were successfully integrated into the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), marking significant strides toward fostering sustainable transportation solutions within the region.