Helix-On-Main Parking Structure Renovation


Lexington & Fayette County Parking Authority


Parking Assessment and Repair

Helix-On-Main Parking Structure Renovation


The Helix-on-Main, a 1970s cast-in-place concrete parking garage with a helix ramp, had extensive concrete deterioration throughout, water infiltration damage, and unsafe conditions due to insufficient and lack of operational components. Since demolishing the garage would create a parking shortage and the City was unsure of the long-term fate of the adjoining buildings, the best choice was to extend the life of the structure with repairs. The Lexington Parking Authority saw this as an opportunity to rebrand the facility and make it an asset not just for the patrons, but for the City. The rehabilitation project included structural and waterproofing repairs, as well as operational and aesthetic enhancements. This exemplary project has inspired other public entities to view parking garages as artistic community assets that can potentially revitalize their business districts to benefit future generations.