The walkway allows Hilton guests to access the convention center.

Hilton Overhead Walkway

Beauty and function in walkway design

Project Facts

Location Austin, Texas
Owner City of Austin/Hilton Austin
Cost $7.5 million
Status Completed 2018


While designed with art in mind, the overhead walkway also provides a seamless and safe alternative for guests to move from the convention center to the Hilton in the shaded lattice that seemingly floats above the earth below.

The overhead walkway at the Hilton is lit up at night.

About the project

In 2014, the Hilton Hotel at Neches and East 4th Streets in downtown Austin faced increased competition from newer properties. As part of a two-year modernization project, the design team created a functional work of art that serves as the “gateway to Austin” for those arriving downtown via rail.

Our team’s challenge was integrating the bridge into the existing Hilton Austin Hotel structure. As an integral member of the hotel’s original construction team in 2004, we were familiar with and had access to accurate drawings of the hotel. Therefore, we were confident we could use the hotel structure to support the gravity loads on a single existing corner column. We then used the adequate capacity of the sixth floor’s framework to transfer the lateral loads of the walkway.

Another challenge faced by the team was the CapMatro Light Rail could only shut down over a single weekend for construction. The entire bridge was pre-assembled on a leased parking lot a block from the site before the weekend closure. The assembled bridge was lifted onto a truck early Saturday morning and driven down 4th Street. A crane hoisted the bridge into place by late afternoon. Connections to the Hilton and the Convention Center were completed by late in the day Sunday.