H-GAC Pedestrian and Bicycle Study


Houston-Galveston Area Council


Services: Traffic and Transportation Planning

Modes: Bicycles / Pedestrians

H-GAC Pedestrian and Bicycle Study


The Houston-Galveston Area Council (H-GAC) represents 13 counties along the Gulf Coast comprising of 12, 500 square miles containing more than six million people. With an area this large, the HGAC wanted to identify areas that were in the most need of pedestrian and bicycle facility improvements in Harris County and its seven surrounding counties. The intent of the study was to identify locations where trips could be converted to non-motorized vehicle modes to improve air quality. Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) tools, a very large number of potential sites were evaluated using criteria such as automobile ownership, percentage of students, population density, land use, and several other characteristics. The findings revealed an area in Houston’s Third Ward to serve as a pilot project. The study estimated the reduction in vehicle miles traveled and tailpipe emissions. Following the public involvement process, two projects were added to the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP).