This stream in the city of Richardson required erosion control.

Hunt Branch Erosion Control

Stream bank reinforcement efforts

Project Facts

Location Richardson, Texas
Owner City of Richardson


In various neighborhoods of Richardson, Texas, stream bank erosion poses a looming concern to residential properties. The force of the water encroaches upon the landscape, particularly in areas like Hunt Branch, where residents face the imminent risk of property loss.

About the project

Our team improved, repaired, and provided erosion control for a neighborhood stream for the city of Richardson and a private homeowner. Our engineers improved a section of the stream directly downstream of an existing box culvert and included erosion remediation to an existing concrete retaining wall, replacement of failing culvert wing walls, low-flow channelization, and slope stabilization of an active erosion zone. During project design, the city of Richardson and the private homeowner asked to include a pedestrian bridge spanning the stream, which was added to the project.