IG Field


Winnipeg Blue Bombers, City of Winnipeg, University of Manitoba


Construction Cost
$190 million

Completion Date

Project Size
33,500 seats, expandable to 40,000
Roof 188 m span

Raymond SC Wan

IG Field


Home to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers of the Canadian Football League, the Winnipeg Rifles (CJFL) and the University of Manitoba Bisons football team, the stadium provides fans with a range of amenities including iconic canopy roofs to provide protection from the elements, 52 luxury suites, a walk of fame, and several restaurants.    

Walter P Moore was hired by the structural steel fabricator to respond to bridging documents and develop concepts for the 188m (617ft) span roof. Walter P Moore developed four roof concepts, ranging from a tied network arch supporting a fabric roof to a system of cantilever trusses. The selected scheme features a pair of 188m (617ft) deep exposed trichord trusses spanning the length of the field above the sideline seating. These trusses support a sinusoidal canopy roof which spans from the trusses to support columns at the back of the bowl. 

At the request of the steel fabricator, Walter P Moore also redesigned the bowl structure to provide a more economical and constructible system. The original design by the Engineer of Record utilized precast hollow core planks spanning across non-composite steel beams. Our redesign replaced the precast planks with a composite slab on metal deck and composite steel beam construction. Additional value engineering simplified the raker beam connections, scoreboard framing, and precast stadia support, leading to a structural steel savings of approximately 700 Tonnes (770 tons), or 25%.

The venue hosted the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2015.