Lucas Oil Stadium


Indiana Stadium and Convention Building Authority


Architect: HKS

(2) 596 ft by 163 ft moving panels for the roof

14,300 tons of structural steel

Lucas Oil Stadium


This 63,000 seat downtown venue is a true multi-purpose stadium, hosting the NFL Indianapolis Colts and other special football games, NCAA Basketball Final Fours, conventions, and a wide range of concerts and special events. Seating includes 7,100 club seats, 150 suites, and is expandable to 70,000.

As lead structural engineer, Walter P Moore managed a team of four firms and developed all engineering concepts including the iconic moving roof structure.

This is the first U.S. retractable roof that moves on multiple, parallel rails, which are supported on sloping steel trusses that span between two 752 ft long super frames. An innovative mechanized seal system along the ridge created by the two moving panels – each 596 ft by 163 ft – ensures that the stadium stays dry even in a rainstorm. The stadium earned numerous awards and hosted Super Bowl XLVI.