One can view the parking structure in Santa Monica from the street.

Parking Structure Assessment and Repair Program

Preserving vital parking facilities

Project Facts

Location Santa Monica, California


Seven essential parking structures in downtown Santa Monica were assessed due to distress conditions. Our team provided tailored repair recommendations for the diverse structural systems. The approved construction documents addressed structural and waterproofing repairs, ensuring prolonged facility life and user safety in collaboration with the City of Santa Monica.

About the project

Existing distress conditions and deferred maintenance led to the need for us to assess seven parking structures located in downtown Santa Monica. These parking facilities are vital to the day-to-day operations of the areas they serve, including offices, businesses, and tourists. The assessments aimed to identify areas of deterioration to develop a Capital Asset Management Plan (CAMP) to address the areas of concern over the next ten years. The repairs intended to extend the life of the facilities with a balanced repair plan specifically designed for continued operation while maintaining safety for the users.

The parking garages included five cast-in-place post-tensioned concrete structures, one cast-in-place mild reinforced concrete structure, and one precast concrete structure. Out of the seven structures, there were three completely different structural systems. Each one posed different issues and challenges in the assessments and recommendations. All of the recommendations were tailored to suit the specific needs and limitations, including budgetary, of the City of Santa Monica.

We prepared construction documents to address the needed structural and waterproofing repairs for all seven garages. The documents passed city plan checks and the bidding process.