San Tomas Square


MDY Properties Inc


Completion Date: 2019
Project Size: 500,000 SF

San Tomas Square

Santa Clara

The office development consists of two new building structures separated at their interface by a seismic separation joint. Included with the office tower will be structured and below grade parking for approximately 800 cars. An outdoor plaza area will be located between the parking garage and northern wing of the office building.

The office building consists of two wings. The northern wing consists of 5 stories of office space over 2 stories of below grade parking. The eastern wing includes 6 stories of office space over 2 stories of below grade parking. The typical office floor plates are approximately 44,000 square feet. Typical floor to floor heights are 10’-6” at the parking levels and 14’-0” at the office levels. The typical plan consists of three transverse bays of framing with alternating 40’-0” | 24’-0” | 40’-0” column spacing. Central core areas containing the building’s vertical circulation (stairs and elevators) and other mechanical services are located in the center bay.

The parking garage is laid out in a traditional rectangular plan, with two, long span bays, 60’-0”, in the transverse direction. The longitudinal bays are approximately 30’ - 35’ with the interior 4 bays making up the ramp in both directions and the end bays configured as flat floors, offset vertically from each other by half a story height. The garage consists of 2 below grade levels aligned with and connected to the parking below the office building and 5 above grade levels.