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San Tomas Square

Unforgettable twist highlights sustainable design

Project Facts

Location Santa Clara, California
Owner MDY Properties Inc
Size 500,000 SF
Cost $4 million
Status Completed 2019
Certifications LEED


As the sun bathes this six-story office development, carefully positioned fins artfully disperse its rays, conjuring the mesmerizing illusion of shifting colors. The project employs a green “Miesian” approach to design—a sustainable reinterpretation of the modernist movement. A checkerboard of greenery and pedestrian walkways surround the ornamental design, betraying nothing of the tenant perks within, namely a rooftop deck with seating, putting, and a basketball half-court.

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About the project

Designed with sustainability and striking aesthetics in mind, this development consists of two distinct buildings, with structured and underground parking for 800 cars. An eye-catching louver-clad wall wraps around half of the building, and unique fins on the building’s backside curate a striking illusion, while cleverly concealing a catwalk. This dynamic façade marries form and function seamlessly.

The office building has two wings: the northern wing, with five stories of office space over two stories of below-grade parking, and the eastern wing, offering six stories of office space over two levels of below-grade parking. Each office floor covers approximately 44,000 square feet, and typical floor heights vary from 10′-6″ at the parking levels to 14′-0″ at the office levels.

The parking garage, with two below-grade levels connected to the office building’s parking and five above-grade levels, follows a traditional rectangular layout.

This development stands as a testament to innovative design, sustainability, and architectural ornamentation, reinterpreting modernist principles for contemporary times.