Pedestrians bustling along sidewalks and gathering at the entrance of a mirrored building, illuminated by an array of streetlights.

T-Mobile Center

Sustainable innovation meets versatile design

Project Facts

Location Kansas City, Missouri
Owner City of Kansas City, Missouri
Size 640,000 SF
Cost $276 million
Status Completed 2007
Capacity 18,500 seats


Redefining the event landscape while raising the bar for eco-friendly, cost-saving innovation, this multi-purpose arena accommodates NBA basketball, NHL hockey, AFL arena football, concerts, circuses, and more. Its adaptable seating quickly optimizes sightlines for various events, while its long-span roof supports accessible rigging grids and advanced lighting and sound systems. T-Mobile Center has become a key component in the vibrant urban fabric of downtown Kansas City and stands as one of the most successful concert venues in the United States.

A packed stadium crowd illuminated by the glow of stadium lights focused on the stage.

Interior view of a building with polished cement flooring, expansive wall of windows, people walking, and directional signs guiding the way.

An empty event stadium with vibrant lights directed towards the empty central stage.

A densely packed urban landscape with buildings of various sizes tightly clustered together.

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About the project

As structural engineer, Walter P Moore harnessed the power of Grade 65 high-strength steel to craft an engineering marvel that would forever transform the landscape of Kansas City sports. With an emphasis on innovation and sustainability, this development revolutionized form and function in structural design.

The centerpiece of T-Mobile Center is the low-profile, long-span truss roof. This engineering masterpiece elevated the aesthetic appeal of the arena and enhanced the experience of upper-deck patrons by providing improved main event sightlines, while also slashing steel costs through its efficient design.

The support structure for the arena’s doubly curved and faceted glass cladding system is also a project highlight. This engineering feat not only ensured structural integrity but also created a visually striking aesthetic. The result was an arena that offered dramatic views to patrons both within and outside the venue.

An evening sky with the sun reflecting off the mirrored surface of a curved building.


2009 ACEC MO Grand Conceptor for Engineering Excellence

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