T-Mobile Center


City of Kansas City, Missouri


Size: 640,000 SF

Roof Clear Span: 334 feet

Rigging Capacity: 425,000 pounds

Architect: Downtown Arena Design Team

T-Mobile Center

Kansas City

The 18,500-seat T-Mobile Center is a multipurpose arena that was designed to be the epitome of flexibility. It can accommodate NBA basketball, NHL hockey, AFL arena football, concerts, circuses, and almost all types of special events. Its retractable and variable rise seating can be reconfigured quickly to optimize sightlines for different events. Its long-span roof supports easily accessed rigging grids and lighting and sound systems.

As structural engineer, Walter P Moore employed Grade 65 high strength steel to develop a highly-efficient low profile long-span truss roof structure that improved sightlines for upper deck patrons while reducing steel costs substantially. We also developed an elegant and non-distracting support structure for the doubly-curved and faceted glass cladding system, providing dramatic views both for patrons inside looking out at the cityscape and those outside the arena looking in at the activity inside.

T-Mobile Center has become a key component in the vibrant urban fabric of downtown Kansas City and one of the most successful concert venues in the United States.