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Toyota Center

Engineering a venue fit for world-class sports and entertainment

Project Facts

Location Houston, Texas
Owner Houston Sports Authority
Size 750,000 SF
Cost $235 million
Status Completed 2003
Capacity 18,000 seats
Certifications LEED Silver


Laid over a span of six city blocks, Houston’s Toyota Center is a showpiece for collaborative design and engineering excellence. Home to championship-winning NBA and WNBA teams, it also hosts world-class concerts and events and was the first professional sports facility in Texas to earn LEED Silver. Walter P Moore’s ingenious structural solutions not only reduced costs but also accelerated construction, meeting tight deadlines and budget constraints. Today this iconic venue not only thrives in sports and entertainment but also enriches Houston’s urban landscape, blending culture, sports, and architectural innovation in the heart of the city.

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About the project

Home to the two-time NBA champion Houston Rockets and the four-time WNBA champion Houston Comets, the Toyota Center offers state-of-the-art amenities for concerts and indoor soccer.

Walter P Moore’s collaboration with the design team resulted in a first-class venue with many value-added amenities. Fans are treated to a more intimate setting, including a large 27-row lower bowl that allows more fans to sit closer to the main floor.

The true brilliance of Walter P Moore’s contribution lies in the unique in-set corner columns and the innovative “x-trusses.” These engineering marvels not only significantly slashed structural costs but also expedited the construction process, allowing the entire project to not only stay well within budget but also meet demanding fast-track deadlines.

Beyond its sporting and entertainment prowess, the Toyota Center has become an integral component of Houston’s bustling downtown urban landscape. Its presence injects vitality into the city’s core, creating a vibrant synergy between culture, sports, and architectural innovation that defines the spirit of contemporary Houston.

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2003 Central Houston Allen Award for Civic Enhancement

2004 Harlem Globetrotters’ Rookie of the Year