Toyota Motor North America Research and Development Center


Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.


Construction Cost
$33 million

Completion Date

Project Size
132,000 SF

LEED Platinum

Toyota Motor North America Research and Development Center


The new 3 story office building expands the existing Toyota Technical Training Center to accommodate the relocation of its procurement and supplier relations personnel to the existing campus. The facility provides an open office environment ans features a 10,000 square foot open assembly space capable of accommodating vendor presentations.

The new building is constructed adjacent to and connects to an existing steel framed structure with a 25’-0” deep basement that had to remain operational during construction.

The design team worked with the engineers from the existing building to support columns for the new building on the foundations of the existing building. The remainder of the new structure was supported on deep foundations installed by drilling methods to reduce noise and vibrations on the existing facility.

The design team and concrete supplier worked together to develop a sustainable concrete mix. The concrete mix was carefully designed and calibrated with a Whole Building Life Cycle Assessment model in order to replace sufficient quantities of cement to show a reduction in environmental metrics such as greenhouse gases, global warming, ozone depletion, acidification among other quantities, yet still meet structural performance criteria. This work allowed the project to qualify for a Material and Resources credit through the USGBC LEED program.